The advantages of working with us:

Our project managers are developers with a history of meeting deadlines, architecting elegant solutions to difficult problems, and working within defined parameters and budgets.

Experienced Architect

Your project will have the expertise of someone with 15 plus years of experience in software architecture and getting things right the first time.

Quality Code

Our development teams are committed to producing quality code and following all the best practices. A separate QA team ensures things function as they should before final roll out.

Cost Savings

Using our teams costs significantly less than hiring, training, and maintaining your own development team, and the finished product will be built right, easy to maintain and update.

About Hey MacKay Software Development

We are offshore agile scrum development teams, led by a a local FullStack and scrum master! We work on enterprise software solutions, and SaaS applications. We create phone apps, sync data between systems, and connect to or develop APIs. We architect thing properly to create high uptime, easily maintained, and scalable systems.

Our goal is to complete your project on budget and on time. We take the time to properly complete the project specifications, define the milestones and complete the QA process so we know you’ll be happy with the results.